Alaska Motor Yachts have evolved from the first humble 42ft sedan aimed at the entry level boater looking for value to the class leading luxurious motor yacht today. With nearly 100 boats being delivered into the Australian / NZ market the evolution and drive to be the best in class is ever present whilst not losing sight of the core values and philosophy of exceeding the expectations of the most discerning owners.

Alaska Motor Yachts are the pride of the Leigh-Smith Yachts team, a pride that each owner shares and takes with them long after the sales process. With every new Alaska the previous owners direct input with the Leigh-Smiths, further refines and evolves the future product. It’s this willingness to listen & learn from the end user that ensures the designs, performance and finishes in the Alaska Range continues to astonish buyers.

The foundation and success of the brand has steamed from the variable dead rise hull, the sharp entry that produces a soft cut through ride that transitions into a flatter hull towards the stern of each vessel sees amazing handling even in trying conditions whilst maintain excellent range & economy. The Leigh-Smiths have proudly boast the superior performance than most competitors with less horsepower all without sacrificing occupants comfort level. The by-product of this attention to underwater design is fuel economy & range. “It’s very apparent that our clients want to go further for longer & do it for less” says Ryan Leigh-Smith.

Natural ergonomic flow is the focus on each new design, from the moment you enter each vessel an Alaska Motor yacht will give you an uncluttered warm feeling of quality and superior boat building that enhances the liveability whist onboard. Some mass produced boats these days are referred to as “Ikea” fitouts, not the Alaska Motor Yachts, traditional hand built high Gloss cherry timber with traditional boat building craftsmanship coupled with stunning textured fabrics and cutting edge composites all combine for a wonderful interior space. You will feel the thousands of man hours in every vessel as you pass through each carefully designed purposeful area of the boat. Softened by carefully chosen premium fabrics that are hand stitched to lighten the feel combined with large panoramic windows bringing your secluded outdoor environment inside. Natural light and ventilation are always present in any Leigh-Smith design.

Often referred to as a semi-custom yacht, many personal or custom requests within the cabin, galley & salon layouts can be achieve within the new build process. “Our clients are usually seasoned boaters & their new Alaska usually isn’t their first vessel, they know what they want and where we can we deliver that” says Dean Leigh-Smith.

Whilst traditional in style, the Alaska Motor Yachts are abundant in technology. Cummins common rail diesel power plants, Onan ultra-quiet low revving Genets, bow & stern thrusters to make for easy docking, custom Sheridan bedding and Linen packages, LED TV’s and lighting throughout, Italian hardware, Raymarine integrated navigation packages are all standard inventory that offer a reliable, user friendly minimal maintenance package. This high level of specification, finish and willingness to remain traditional sees the excellent resale and high demand on the used boat market. “Because we don’t make change for the sake of change or to simply get a new model out, the Alaska’s typically hold their resale value & experience less depreciation than many mainstream brands” says Dean Leigh-Smith.

Alaska Motor yachts have evolved into a respected & premier brand recognised in the Southern Hemisphere boating landscape. One things for sure with the Leigh-Smiths passionate pursuit, the Alaska Motor Yachts brand is continuing to grow and is here to stay.

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